Yankee Stadium to Become Mass Coronavirus Vaccination Site

We’re speeding up the process of giving vaccines all the time. Yesterday, 28,599 doses given. We are opening up mega-sites, 24/7 mega-sites. We talked yesterday about CitiField, and again, thanks to the New York Mets for stepping up. That’s fantastic. That’s going to serve a lot of people. Well, we’ve heard back from the New York Yankees. And we welcome them into the fold too. We’re working with them now to work out a plan to use Yankee Stadium as well. And that’s got to be great for the people of the Bronx. So that plan is in motion, we’ll announce it when the details have been worked through. But there’s going to be more and more sites, not just stadiums, but more sites of all kinds, more hours reaching more people. And now anyone 65 years old or over does qualify. So if you’re 65 or over, regardless of your health situation — obviously, you’re vulnerable, we’ve talked about this before — you have the right to be vaccinated. You can sign up now. We have sites, as I said, 24/7 sites, and sites with other hours, extended hours, all over the five boroughs. On the 24/7 sites, yesterday, we opened a site at 125 Worth Street, right here, in the City Hall area, Lower Manhattan. Today, Staten Island, the Vanderbilt Clinic on Staten Island open 24/7 from this point on. And again, more sites coming in Staten Island. Saturday, the Health and Hospitals Corona Clinic in Queens will go to 24/7. And obviously, CitiField will be right behind that. We’re going to just keep building and building out capacity.

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