Anxiety and Stress

America’s Mothers Are in Crisis

“People are having a hard time making ends meet, that’s making parents stressed out, and that’s causing kids to be stressed out,” Dr. Fisher said. This buildup can lead to toxic stress, “And we know from all the science, that level of stress has a lasting impact on brain development, learning and physical health.” Almost …

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Kevin Durant Says He’s Ready to Return. ‘It’ll Come Naturally.’

“If I fall back on that work, I won’t have to worry too much about what will happen. I already know it’ll come naturally.” The landscape of professional basketball shifted during Durant’s absence, in part because of the pandemic and social justice protests. And several star players — Kawhi Leonard last summer, and now Chris …

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Pandemic-Proof Your Habits

I attended a Thanksgiving dinner several years ago where the hostess, without warning family and friends, broke with tradition and served salmon instead of turkey, roasted potatoes instead of mashed, raspberry coulis instead of cranberry sauce and … you get the idea. While a few guests mustered the politesse to say the meal was “something …

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