Movie Theaters Outside N.Y.C. Can Reopen Next Week, Cuomo Says

“Beginning October 23, movie theaters outside of New York City will be allowed to reopen at 25 percent capacity with up to 50 people maximum per screen, with up to 50 people per screen.” “This is outside of New York City, areas that are below 2 percent on their 14-day average, and have no cluster zones.” “We actually have data that is so specific that we can’t show it because it would violate privacy conditions. But we know exactly where the cases are coming from. OK, so then change the strategy, change the framework, the template, from a state, to a region, to a county, down to the actual targeting by the block, of the increase in the spread.” “This microcluster approach we’re going to continue through the vaccine, because this is not over until the vaccine.”

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